The Vulnerabilities of WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular open source platforms in the world. Over 75 million websites run on WordPress, and thousands of them are vulnerable to attacks from hackers. The loss of data, financial cost to you, and the compromising of users’ private data should all be of great concern to you if you have a website powered by WordPress. There are numerous known vulnerabilities, and by keeping up-to-date and using quality security services, you can feel assured that you don’t fall victim to one of these hackers.

After a large number of hack incidents, question marks began to appear regarding the security of the WordPress platform. At its core – so long as users keep it up to date – WordPress is a very secure platform. The majority of security breaches have been down to human error, and not keeping everything updated regularly.

WordPress plugins and themes

WordPress plugins are the major source of vulnerabilities. According to the WPScan Vulnerability database, around 54% of the global vulnerabilities in WordPress are attributed to plugins – 31.5% are down to core vulnerabilities and just 14.3% of the vulnerabilities come from themes.

Cross-site Scripting and SQL Injection

The most common, specific vulnerabilities across these three areas of WordPress are Cross-site Scripting and SQL Injection. Alarmingly, many of the top plugins for bringing these vulnerabilities to a WordPress site are commercial ones, meaning just because you paid for a plugin, you can’t be certain it is secure. There have even been reports of WordPress security plugins being vulnerable to hacks. To keep informed, you can view for all the latest vulnerabilities to be aware of.

What should you do?

In short, you cannot afford to handle the issue of security for your WordPress website thoughtlessly. You need to do your research and find the right option to protect your website, particularly if you are operating a commercial platform, and even more so if you collect sensitive information from customers or clients.

At WPHealth, our dedicated team is committed to ensuring businesses and individuals can feel safe using WordPress as the basis for their websites. Through partnership with Sucuri, we offer a complete security package and WP Security Guard plugin to keep you a step ahead of the hackers that could threaten you. Get in touch with someone from the team and see how WPHealth could help keep your website secure.