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Ticketing System 2017-04-02T14:30:04+00:00

Even if you haven’t signed up to our Content and Images Changes plan we are still here to offer help and support when you need it.

If you are signed up to the Content and images change add on, this ticketing system is the way we deal with change requests, simple, easy and we both have a record of change request history

Content and Image Changes (None Development) 2017-04-12T15:55:34+00:00

Content ticketing system in your My Account dashboard, send easy content and image change requests through.

This can include things like uploading content, adding images, adding or changing menu items, pages and posts etc. All time is recorded in 15 minute intervals, therefore if your request take 12 minute to complete 15 minutes will be taken from the 1 hour included with your package.
 *Development changes are available on request through the ticketing system, these will be quoted separately.
Client Reports 2017-04-02T14:27:00+00:00

An executive summary that shows everything we have done on your website/s. Just by looking at it, your will know we mean business, and that we are worth every penny.

Updates 2017-04-12T15:27:23+00:00

Applying updates to WordPress, plugins, and themes (if child theme is in place) ensures that security issues are quickly patched. We receive real-time information about vulnerable plugins so we can act accordingly, and quickly.

We implement offline local staging sites, if we ever have concerns that an update may affect your site we will test it first in our staging environment. If no issues are found we will go ahead and update your live site.

Uptime Monitor 2017-04-02T14:24:54+00:00

Stay aware
Every minute the system will check your websites
We will confirm before we notify you. If the Uptime Monitor doesn’t get the expected response, it’ll keep trying a couple more times to confirm that the site is down. If it is still unresponsive, you will receive a notification

Always be up-to-date
The notification will tell you which website is down. Good news, you will also receive notifications when your websites go back up

Receive notifications
Notification email.

Uptime overview
Uptime Monitor tracks your uptime percentage, response delay, and individual checks. Included in Client Report

Combined notifications
Multiple notifications in a short time span are merged into a single notification

Real-time Uptime Monitor
Uptime check interval is 60 seconds

Security Check 2017-04-02T14:30:35+00:00

Powerful security scan – It is web-based integrity monitoring and malware scanning of your website. The Security Check scans the pages on your website and compares the code against the known malware knowledge base. It performs a blacklist check with a number of services, like Google Safe Browsing, Norton Safe Web, ESET, etc.

Powerful security scan

It is web-based integrity monitoring and malware scanning of your website

Easily find infected files

The Security Check scans the pages on your website and compares the code against the known malware knowledge base

Check if your website is blacklisted

It performs a blacklist check with a number of services, like Google Safe Browsing, Norton Safe Web, ESET, etc.

Know your web site weakness

Flags site errors and outdated software

Detailed reports

If it comes back clean you will still get a detailed report(part of the monthly client report). If it comes back with malware, you will get detailed descriptions as well as a list of infected files

Track your Security Checks

Each scan is being stored in our archives. It allows us to look back into the past, investigate each security threat and discern a pattern if needed

Included in Client Reports

Implemented into our Client Reports

The Messenger, not The Cleaner

Our Security Check does not clean the site for you



Receive email notifications when a website becomes infected

Protect your websites with a backup that will serve you reliably and consistently. 2017-04-11T15:57:28+00:00

Low server load

95% of the backup is done on our server infrastructure, which is a blessing for your web server PHP memory

EU and US storage

Comply with the EU directive by keeping your websites on EU storage

Incremental backup

Only the new and altered files and tables are backed up, hugely increasing the reliability and reducing the site server usage

Multisite backup

Backup your multisite network, and choose to restore either the network itself or individual subsites

What do I need to provide in order to use your service? 2017-04-11T15:57:22+00:00

We need your WP Admin login details and your website URL, these are used once by us then deleted from our systems. Our system loads the WP Health Plugin onto your site and from there we can do the rest.

Do you offer 24/7 support? 2017-04-11T15:57:17+00:00

At this moment in time, we do not. Our support hours are 9am to 6pm UK Time, Monday through Friday.

What if an update breaks my site? Does it cost extra to fix? 2017-04-11T15:57:09+00:00

The site is immediately rolled back to the backup state taken prior to performing the update. The methods for this vary in some cases (due primarily to e-commerce functionalities, if present). From there, you’ll be notified of the issue.

The majority of issues are addressed free of cost, however, custom plugins, issues introduced by users, or especially time-consuming issues may be billable. WP Health will notify you before charging anything to your account.

How does your support work? 2017-04-11T15:57:03+00:00

Typically, we use support tickets instead of emails or phone calls. Although we have a small team, we want to make sure that all communication is documented and extremely clear.

Support tickets can be submitted through your WordPress dashboard; this is the easiest way to authenticate your support ticket. You can also submit tickets from your account page on our website.

Can you restore the site from a backup site/roll a site back to yesterday’s version? 2017-04-11T15:56:57+00:00

Provided that the backup is available, yes. While we’re happy to restore a site at no charge for any customer, continued usage of this feature may incur additional fees. WP Health will notify you prior to charging anything to your account.

Where do you store the backups? How long are they kept? 2017-04-11T15:56:50+00:00
Do you have a money-back guarantee? 2017-04-11T15:56:44+00:00

Yes. If at any time you feel like you haven’t received the service you signed up for, you will get your money back. If at any time you are dissatisfied, or I feel like I haven’t served you as well as I could. Contact me and ill make it right.

I have multiple sites to be maintained. Can you help? 2017-04-11T15:56:36+00:00

We Sure Can! Send me an email and I’ll create a custom plan for you, with a bulk discount.

What is your cancellation policy? 2017-04-11T09:22:00+00:00

The WP Health is a pay-as-you-go service. You are in full control of your subscription, you can cancel at any time from the My Account area, cancellations will take effect from the next bill date.

Yearly subscriptions renew automatically 1 year from the date you signed you up, cancellation can be completed from the My Account area, please note refunds are not applicable if you decide to cancel at any time during the year in which the plan is running.

What are my payment options? 2017-04-11T15:56:29+00:00

Payments are made using our Direct Debit service . . . . . .. They accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express.